Our Mission

At UCLA IEEE we strive to carry the beacon of success in engineering. Our passion is to provide resources and opportunities to young engineers and help them develop into successful individuals who can lead the industry and make a positive impact in the near future.

What We Do To Realize It

We hold numerous events and projects during the year to aid the technical and professional development of students; from learning to use a soldering iron, to building one’s own “micro-mouse”, to benefiting from resume and interview workshops, to landing an internship or job position through one of our info-sessions. We organize these events along with many others; more than 150 events every year, and are working to increase the quality and quantity of our events. We need your help to continue and grow. Our events are always free of charge and open to all students, and we hope to always keep it that way. Our budget is the only limiting factor in our plan. Your (tax-deductible!) sponsorship to us is much appreciated, and will help change that.>

Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor

    • Priority status and multiple events (info-sessions, tech-talks, etc.) per year (as per package)
    • Priority access to award winning event organization, management and publicity
    • Advertising your job/internship openings through us
    • Reaching out to 1000+ mailing list members and 400+ club members for publicity
    • Getting involved with one of the largest engineering student groups in UCLA
    • Being advertised at various state-wide engineering competitions
    • Being a generous contributor to the development of young engineers
    • Getting all this for free! Donations to us are tax-deductible

Becoming a Sponsor

There are four levels of donations (materials and equipments are also appreciated and are weighed on their monetary value):

Level 1 (BRONZE) $200 - $499
Level 2 (SILVER) $500 - $999
Level 3 (GOLD) $1000 - $1999
Level 4 (PLATINUM) $2000 and above 

Materials and equipment are also appreciated and are weighed on their monetary value

To become a sponsor, please fill out this form.
Information about our full sponsor package can be found here. 

If you wish to donate by credit card online, follow the button link below and select "Continue" under the "Don't have a PayPal account?" section. We appreciate and are very grateful for all donations sent to our organization.


Please contact our current club president at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding additional information on our sponsorship program. Thank you for your continued interest in IEEE!